Saturday, July 18

Crushed out, blissed out

Its one of those days when you are shouted awake with only enough time to pull on some pants to run to the zendo...

While sitting today, she realized her mind was on quite the vision quest. Visions of mouths on lips, parting ever so slowly the skin that protects the most delicate and encompassing part of of her body. While sitting there, she knew she was supposed to saying "okay, here a a thought, and I release you" and get back to mindfulness, genuine zen style meditation*.

However, it was as vivid as when she was there, in that past time and space of pure bliss. Naturally, she did not want to release, but rather indulge those images

Well as one would guess, she walked out of that zendo that day, feeling like a guilty grrl. Aghhh, am I even going to get this right, she wondered...

* Apparently, if you are able to release all thoughts that find their way into your active mind, you come to place that is beyond power...

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