Friday, July 17

One of my many blessings today

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  1. One spring morning I got up by myself, and set out to Mt. Hood, to hike to the top of Tom Dick and Harry mountain. It's this relatively easy hike, which takes you up around the beautiful Mirror Lake, past blueberry and salmonberry bushes.

    I reached the top, and Mt. Hood stood before me, majestic. Looking around, I could see Mt. Adams, Helens, Jefferson, and Washington; A stunning panorama.

    I sat on the stones in meditation, looking for my Zen, per se. It's easy to find peace up there, and a sense of connection, surrounded by the giant cathedrals of nature.

    What was I looking for? Why did I come here to meditate? Sure, beautiful places are to be celebrated, and they're the best places to meditate you can find.

    What was I observing? My thoughts, my feelings. The appreciation of the beauty of nature was already a part of me. The desire for peace already within my heart. I already had with me the tools to quiet my mind, and meditate in the ways I desired to.

    It was there I realized: The Zen you find on a mountaintop is the Zen you bring with you.