Saturday, July 25

confronting the dragon

i'm learning a lot about fear these days. in this process, i am beginning to realize that all those places i cling to, those places that make me feel the need to call for someone or something to protect me...those places are at my edge.

i'm realizing that all these people, places, events, feelings, thoughts that make me squirm, want to scream, cry, run away from, deny - are actually my biggest teachers.

i wonder what would happen if i just stared into the face of my biggest fears, insecurities, problems and walked boldly toward them?

i'm not sure i have the answer, but i do think that it will bring me to new territory from which i can be more fully human.

i want to love without fear
i want to be myself without fear
i want to love all those i encounter without fear
i want to cross that bridge
i want to fully live...

1 comment:

  1. To quote one of my friends, "Any decision made in fear narrows our world."

    One must learn to let go of the fears, and if we cannot let go - examine the fears, it might lend some insight into ourselves