Wednesday, August 19

clouds of truth

as the sound of the wind blows though my mind
it makes me feel my oneness with her essence
connected. whole. complete

then that voice takes flight
on the next wind out
its as if i never ever existed
to me
to her
or him
what is it about him that seems to become younger and younger every-time i look at his photograph?
perhaps it is me that is growing older

perhaps i am

the meaning in life is taking on a new meaning
i look at what i'd be doing
if i were not here
if i were there
and i see myself smiling
even if i am feeling my walls collapse all around me
yet, this truth:
suffocating in the most liberating way

living life with meaning
is all there is to do
living life without
is no meaning at all

there are those blissful days that i lay and stare at the vastness
of her radiance
her wide open, unafraid blue
its there i see myself
in that heart shape
that stands so firm in her conviction of perserverance
yes its there
that i see myself
in love
in truth
in belief
with myself

yes, i see myself

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