Tuesday, August 4

the redirection of her ego

been redirecting that energy
writing letters to him every day
words his eyes will never read
images his senses will never engage

its clearly all about my ego you see
thats why i'm here right?
i've come to learn to be more open

to allow those to love me

but wait, no
no, no no
your here to love yourself
become more open, sure
but grow indeed my dear
develop into a deeply rooted madrone

but that shadow
is blocking my heart
you can't see it
cause its hiding behind my ego

but that dark dark shadow of your mind
its evolving
to create a space for love
in time

in time
this is the key
in time

but my soul is onto their heart tearing motives

but perhaps you've got it all wrong
from past pains
false ideas
and love is love is love is...

i must to go confront my ego now
zazen is my only reprieve these days
from that place my ego likes to revel in

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