Wednesday, August 5

we are rising

that flight she took
brought her to places she's only dreamed
now she's realizing the impact of claiming the phoenix
its powerful name invokes deep potential
for quantum shifts in consciousness

these days
she's simply leaning to be
yet still
she's dancing in all those places she coming to know within

truth be told
she is a phoenix
and she's rising up
yet even looking down
she's still beholding all the glory
all the pain
the lies
all the insecurity
and doubt

all that she's left behind
she's grateful for
thankful to those who loved
to those who did not
thankful to those who compromised
to those who did not
thankful to those who betrayed
and all those who feared

for in each of you is me
and in me
is each of you

we are one
and together
we are rising

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