Sunday, August 2

When wisdom, love and presence filled me

Just got back from camping with my dear friend Steph. She is so spirited. We had a most amazing time. We went camping in this incredibly remote place-it was twenty miles from a tiny town and another 10 miles off road. The place we found ourselves at was on the Eddy River in Abiquiu, NM. The river snakes and turns a whole bunch. We had the entire place, the whole world it felt like, to ourselves. I've never slept under the wide open sky, but we did. The sky was filled so much with stars that it was almost an effort to find the blue in the sky. I've never seen so many shooting stars-they just kept chasing one another across the midnight blue sky. Wow.

Around 2 AM, a massive bird came to visit. She flew in with the wind and perched herself on top the closest tree to us. She visited for about 2o minutes and with the next breath of wind, her shadowed self took flight.

Momma moon is waxing, past half full (much like my life these days). The moonshine illuminated the night sky so intensely, that it was not until she was below the horizon that the milky way presented themselves. It was stunning.

When we first arrived, it was so remote that we could totally and completely be free & naked. There were us, the trees, her pups and momma Earth. We were able to cover our bodies with mud, bake in father suns rays and rinse in the red-flowing river. So special, so healing.

At one point we stumbled into this large, old, beautiful, wise grandmother tree. She brought such healing sounds out of me. The sounds began in my base chakra and worked up towards my crown. Each sound was completely different from the following. They began very basey. Like roots. Like Earth. It was so powerful, and I still feel as if that large, old, beautiful wise grandmother tree helped show me the way to vibrational healing. Her essence embraced us, held us there and provided a space for deep soul healing...

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