Saturday, September 5

manifestations of the mind

streams of thought flow through me like time in space
i sit on my black zafu and stare at the wall with disbelief
is this really me?
am I really here?

the sky outside is reflective of my minds desired manifestation
clear, undiluted, pure
there she is, with all her glory
all her might
simply existing
with all the vastness of the universes to support her

as i sit here on my zafu
i wonder
how long can it take to get to that space
way up there
deep into her expressed calm?
past the clouds of a foggy san francisco morning
the storms of the katrina
through the black holes of doubt and insecurity

brush stokes of impermanence stain my minds eye
wind is all i hear
this existence is real
or is reality truly without boundaries?
is she really where she says she is?
is he who he thinks he is?

what is it with this place we call me
this place deep within ourselves

what are you reflecting?
what do you taste?
what do you dream?
where do you journey?

save it
protect it
your mind that is

the boundaries are getting blurry now
the cataracts are closing in
take off your glasses
see yourself in the world
as you truly are

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