Sunday, November 29

facing our shadow, saying goodbye

Isis keeps appearing
she's got secrets to unlock
past life memories to unfurl
i can kinda see it through the clouds
all strewn about now

the connection we shared
didn't define us
or our past
it transcended the boundaries
we created
beyond space
or time
beyond perceived notions
of our conceptual reality
beyond it all of our black hole

and out of unseen depths
a holographic image arose
cause regardless of it all now
we're still part of the whole

and i'd say it was fun
but it mostly broke my heart

yet down in the lush fertile forest
i still found the clues
so perhaps it ain't time
perhaps it was never mine
perhaps the passersby were startled by the star dust
settling off so fine

what ever happened to the concrete line
we drew in the sand?
did it get covered by the lies
this miraculous time?
or was it there all along?
what truth?
what lies?

i can tell
your presence was stolen by the booze
it wasn't you
it just simply wasn't you

so i forgive you
but i won't forget

i'm moving out now
of this lush fertile forest
going to find the star dust of mine
high up in the wide open deep desert sky
that was planted in that blink of an eye

goodbye seattle. i release you:
i release you and wish you well
to listen to your guts
to find your truths
to emerge from the depths
i release you

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