Monday, November 30

omens of change

found a decapitated crow
in my path
on the road
near the curb
the other day

noticed my own state reflected back
as we walked past

stopped to pick up crow
find crow a proper resting place

wondered what the message was
what kind of omen
comes in the shape of a decapitated crow?

from where i am now
i see it all laid out before me
detached from the mind
beyond goodbyes
how this keeper of sacred law died
or answers as to why
no past
no present
no future
simultaneous continuation
unspoken actualities
of all those possibilities
to take flight
merging the dark and light

brought the messenger to a final resting place
found some rich, fertile cedar soil
and stared into deaths face
released something
that seemed a bit distant at the time
but is with with me now
as i sift through the signs

so goodbye for now
my crow friend
rest well
take flight into the night
into the darkness of creation
birthing a whole new journey
of inexhaustible transformation

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