Friday, November 6

Prisms of Light

So this going inwards seems to be all that I've asked for, all that I need. Deeply penetrating truths emerge and out I come from from what was perceived as an abyss into the most glorious canyons at sunrise. And at worst, I see parts of myself strewn about, laid out before me. They don't seem to connect, yet remain recognizably mine. All those years of questioning seem counterintuitive to this process. But when flashlights of the moonshine glory sets in, in as in inwardly, I see all I've been missing, all I've become. All I've ignored. All I've run from. Yes, here in this place I see pure form. Minus the thoughts, feelings, perceptions, the norms. I have a sense of returning home. The embodiment of Vesta fills me to my brim. A sense of completion takes hold and all that is emerges from the caverns of this mindbody. There I sit, in zazen, facing an adobe wall. Hints of light reflecting the inherent fallacies I've created. And as a prism redirects and transform light, so too does this.

1 comment:

  1. When light goes through a prism, it's separated out so you can see each frequency of light individually. I want a soul-prism! :)