Friday, November 13

Wonderment before the dawn

My mind is holding onto
those times we screamed and yelled
those times I'd wake up
and find myself in hell

three in the morning
and there I was
walking alone through those drenched streets

thinking now
it appears that I should have kept on
years ago
towards that cloudy morning sky
cause even the clouds change
even the sun will rise

and sometimes I still feel so bitter
that it takes me by surprise

I mean
I know its was childish
we acted as if we were the demise
as if we had to stay

yet still
every-time I think of her
I see myself reflected back

she'd be getting messed up

those were the times she'd throw stones at my wonderment
and I would be left
with my disbelief
shattering any hopes for less grief
or babies
or bliss

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