Thursday, December 31

Set Ablaze

flying on the tips of wings
of light she's never seen
she's standing in the midst of this
amongst the grove
of unspoken bliss

she's taking flight
above the fire
above the blaze
above the mess
she came to know too well
above the life
she's finally left

now she's calling it a lesson learned
and upwards she rises
slightly broken
but unburned

Wednesday, December 30

battle wounds

just when i thought i said goodbye
just when i thought i released her
just when i checked again the wound i licked shut myself
she somehow found a way back in
but then again
she always seems to find her way back in

all we ever knew to do was walk away
all we ever knew to do was fear staying

i'm finally seeing the reality of the situation
that the truth was tucked away
beneath the cushions all along
that all i had to do was pull them off and call her bluff
or was it my own

you see
she was begging sabotage
a liberation of sorts
from her own self doubt
and i was delusionary
begging strokes of my own ablate
concoct that into love's torpidity
and you've awakened of a mutual checkmate

and even though i fought my way out of that dreary city
she followed me threw the fog and into the sun
perhaps she came
for closer observation
or better yet
a stone sense of self-sustetnation

you see
the love was there
but fear was stronger
and thats what found its way into our hearts
stopping us
dead in our tracks
like a battle wound
of another fallen solider

Wednesday, December 16

oh portland. oh seattle

ferns calling me from the north
paths lined with lies and moss
beauty incarnate
within both
the truth prevails
and in that embodiment
begins the hail

i feel her pulse
sometimes still
in the call of the wild
while on that moss lined hill

once fertile
now distant lands
a part of this past
comes undone
found its way to completion

a time beyond
and without a doubt
it was full of changes
all along

wondering whats to come
as i begin this new journey
in the dry desert land of the enchanted forest

what'll come
who'll be
where i'll go
i guess we'll see

for now
i'll revel
in the beauty
of the star dust that remains

Sunday, December 13

a night spent with seattle

acid pouring down this throat
can't breath
no breath
funny.... kinda
feeling the little breath there is ... hardly
to these collar bones


Pele resting on this chest
in these ribs
slightly enraged
by the waring lies that were waged

vice grips dancing on this brain
clouds laced with that sulfur feeling
in this gut
tasting the dust of an extinguished flame
in the very back
of the back
of this devastated heart

Tuesday, December 8

a chemistry inspired poem

something i found while saying goodbye to Portland. dated 11/25/07

we're conformations
of best friends
and lovers
and when we shift
i'm left to question
those rotations
which is next
and where we're left

usually i just wonder
and when i think i've got it figured out
mapped up
pinned down
their up again
with those shifty ways

i'm getting exhausted
from those movements
i just want to rest
embrace the silence
the peace
feel some harmony
amongst the mess