Saturday, January 30

Full moon haiku

The moon is full tonight
Above Mt Pacatchu she hangs like truth
All around appears pervading illumination

Wednesday, January 27

An ode to Chaco Canyon

The turning of the wheel never seemed so auspicious
its kind of like witnessing ravens' songs
full of messages from time old sources
or wide open desert in sacred land
of spotting a face in the rock that was put there to remind us
that we're all sacred
that we're all one
that we all come from that same source
and that, yes, we too can reconnect to those eons of bottomless oceans

just get out
see it for yourself
those kiva's there
reminding us of the circles of life and death
ancestral ritual
the sun and moon
the stars
all the matter we're made from
of the unknown
of beauty, prevailing
in a world of atomic energy and chem trails

yes, my friends, there is hope
just play in some ancient dirt
and you'll see
the truth in that will set us free

Monday, January 25

Equal Ground Haiku

Fish don't have it easy
There's mercury barbed hooks and nuclear waste
Gosh, times sure are frightening

Sunday, January 10

The speaking oracle

Stillness pervades everywhere in this realm of existence and becoming one with this stillness is the way.

What way?

Dropping down into those darkened passageways of unseen and unheard rhythms will bring truth closer.

What truth?

Be one with this chamber, it says, of alter and self. Proceed forward on this moving walkway called life. Somethings are unchangeable, and this is the time to become still within that frame.

What frame?

Do this and prepare for an opening to the realm of spirits says the oracle. Do not fear. There will be a guiding force, a bringing of visions of different dimensions of possible realities. Guidance is the key here. Trusting emergence will be the way.

Emergence of what?

And even if it seems all else fails, the intention is to emerge from the depths of these shadows of   insecurities and fears bringing them into a place of humbling light of manifestations and truth.


Thursday, January 7

On childhood dreams

Impermanence once excited me. I looked at it with wonder, like that of a child seeing the stars zooming down intensely for the first time, like star rain. Just shooting down. Barely impassable. Barely. Yea. Or those times joey would make hand puppet shadow shows on the wall with a flashlight. Yea, impermanence. It all shifts, but somewhere, it still remains. Like catching fog.

Sunday, January 3

Red hues reflecting blue

I'm trying to discern the recognition of self as it takes form in the boundlessness of shedding skin. Like that of a snake. I'm trying to let go of all I've grasped onto. 

Impermanence is a reflection of the cycles we embark on when we begin our trek into incarnation. 

The realization of this truth is what sails me across the vast open ocean on days like today, where the sky is a deep gray. And although the ocean expanse appears to be a mere reflection of its reality, the actuality is a transformation of light and energy. 

So these then, are what gives me hope on a day like today: chemistry, physics, black holes and the milky way.

Friday, January 1

Blue moon new year

Standing at a near distance
I feel her glow bestowed upon me
and in the light of this night moon
a blue moon
I am enshrouded in rapture of this moment