Wednesday, December 30

battle wounds

just when i thought i said goodbye
just when i thought i released her
just when i checked again the wound i licked shut myself
she somehow found a way back in
but then again
she always seems to find her way back in

all we ever knew to do was walk away
all we ever knew to do was fear staying

i'm finally seeing the reality of the situation
that the truth was tucked away
beneath the cushions all along
that all i had to do was pull them off and call her bluff
or was it my own

you see
she was begging sabotage
a liberation of sorts
from her own self doubt
and i was delusionary
begging strokes of my own ablate
concoct that into love's torpidity
and you've awakened of a mutual checkmate

and even though i fought my way out of that dreary city
she followed me threw the fog and into the sun
perhaps she came
for closer observation
or better yet
a stone sense of self-sustetnation

you see
the love was there
but fear was stronger
and thats what found its way into our hearts
stopping us
dead in our tracks
like a battle wound
of another fallen solider

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