Sunday, January 10

The speaking oracle

Stillness pervades everywhere in this realm of existence and becoming one with this stillness is the way.

What way?

Dropping down into those darkened passageways of unseen and unheard rhythms will bring truth closer.

What truth?

Be one with this chamber, it says, of alter and self. Proceed forward on this moving walkway called life. Somethings are unchangeable, and this is the time to become still within that frame.

What frame?

Do this and prepare for an opening to the realm of spirits says the oracle. Do not fear. There will be a guiding force, a bringing of visions of different dimensions of possible realities. Guidance is the key here. Trusting emergence will be the way.

Emergence of what?

And even if it seems all else fails, the intention is to emerge from the depths of these shadows of   insecurities and fears bringing them into a place of humbling light of manifestations and truth.


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