Sunday, February 21

Manifest this...

(a manifesto inspired by Eve Ensler's new work "I Am An Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls Around The World"

I write cause I'm a womyn who lives to find her voice
and over
and over

I write cause I'm a womyn who confronts my fears
as I watch them march towards me

I believe in passion
cause I enjoy the pleasure of freedom
and emancipation from patriarchy
its a dedication
of sorts
to myself
for myself
of myself
and my fellow sisters

I am shy sometimes
cause I feel like it

I am bold sometimes
cause I feel like it

I am a cis-gender womyn
of Italian, Portuguese, Syrian and Cree descent
carrying all the wisdom of those who came before me

I identify as pan-sexual
allowing myself to love the multitudes of people
to liberate myself from the constraints of duality
and mainstream preferences

I prefer truth anyway

I love the smell of my blood
momma oceans rhythms and beats
as she carves all that she touches
I love the way our moon shines down upon us
cultivating a connection to me and her seven seas

I love wet earth
and the smell under all those layers of pacific northwest cedars
it reminds me of vagina's
and all the lusciousness we hold

I adore dancing
for myself
in the middle of my room
in the middle of a wide open desert road
I love covering my scars with mud
and baking in the sun
climbing into her waters
and washing it all away

I love fierce womyn
and gentle cis-gender men
gender queer
and kittens

I love my curves
the way my hips swing when I walk
how my thighs sometimes touch
and knowing its all for me

I love being a womyn
and being queer
I love sisterhood
and solidarity
and old growth trees
mountains with tops still on them
I love activism
and paint
and non-gender conformity
bliss balls
and all those who stand with the trees
I love zazen and contemplation
us womyn standing up against rape
and all those cis-gender men who understand it had nothing to do with them
or alcohol
or my short skirt
or my sisters perceived interest

I love manifestos
and consent
southwestern sunsets
and wild womyn

I love myself
and all the beauty
and horror
and pain
and laughter
that continually goes into my evolution



are a work in progress
and I love that

Wednesday, February 17

Painful Radiance

sometimes we face the sharpness of life
and deep wounds appear like shadows at dusk
but under it all
there is a pervasive truth that will set us free
a liberation in loving
a freeing in being
with what we face
and delving into the depths of painful radiance
with glee

Monday, February 15

deluded mind

All this delusion
led me astray

it was like i was looking up at the moon
thinking all along it was Venus smiling back

and then the time came
where truth was spoken
and in a moments time
the moon appeared for what it was

truth is
i knew it all along
but wanted Venus so deeply
to see me there
staring at her radiance and beauty

so captivated was i
that i let it throw me further out into the cosmos
and so began the
orbit around my own deluded mind

i guess its better this way
i guess its only going to help illumination appear clearer
next time

Wednesday, February 10

Someday, you will be loved...

Something I stumbled upon. Written  two months after I moved to Portland...11/25/07

Her mind wanders off the distant lands
of openness and fearlessness
between her and her lover
her freind
her foe
intense loving
fades to intense loathing
and quickly brightens back again

it spins so fast out of control
she sometimes gets lost in the whirl

but what about being open?
total love could emerge
from that boiling pot
of fear

but how long my love
must i wait
will these walls ever disappear
or am i just passing time

Wednesday, February 3

Gratitude to my moon time

I love my blood
the smell of purity fills my being
shedding layers just barely a month old
is oh so freeing

I love my blood
the connection to the moon
the cycles it invokes
keeping me deeply in tune

I love my blood
the way it stains all thats there
the drop into clear water
upon waking to introspection and repair

Tuesday, February 2

Radiance Haiku

Winters burnt orange setting sun
Keeps the crisp colors of autumn inside
Like strawberries sweetness in summertime