Sunday, February 21

Manifest this...

(a manifesto inspired by Eve Ensler's new work "I Am An Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls Around The World"

I write cause I'm a womyn who lives to find her voice
and over
and over

I write cause I'm a womyn who confronts my fears
as I watch them march towards me

I believe in passion
cause I enjoy the pleasure of freedom
and emancipation from patriarchy
its a dedication
of sorts
to myself
for myself
of myself
and my fellow sisters

I am shy sometimes
cause I feel like it

I am bold sometimes
cause I feel like it

I am a cis-gender womyn
of Italian, Portuguese, Syrian and Cree descent
carrying all the wisdom of those who came before me

I identify as pan-sexual
allowing myself to love the multitudes of people
to liberate myself from the constraints of duality
and mainstream preferences

I prefer truth anyway

I love the smell of my blood
momma oceans rhythms and beats
as she carves all that she touches
I love the way our moon shines down upon us
cultivating a connection to me and her seven seas

I love wet earth
and the smell under all those layers of pacific northwest cedars
it reminds me of vagina's
and all the lusciousness we hold

I adore dancing
for myself
in the middle of my room
in the middle of a wide open desert road
I love covering my scars with mud
and baking in the sun
climbing into her waters
and washing it all away

I love fierce womyn
and gentle cis-gender men
gender queer
and kittens

I love my curves
the way my hips swing when I walk
how my thighs sometimes touch
and knowing its all for me

I love being a womyn
and being queer
I love sisterhood
and solidarity
and old growth trees
mountains with tops still on them
I love activism
and paint
and non-gender conformity
bliss balls
and all those who stand with the trees
I love zazen and contemplation
us womyn standing up against rape
and all those cis-gender men who understand it had nothing to do with them
or alcohol
or my short skirt
or my sisters perceived interest

I love manifestos
and consent
southwestern sunsets
and wild womyn

I love myself
and all the beauty
and horror
and pain
and laughter
that continually goes into my evolution



are a work in progress
and I love that

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  1. this is amazing madrone. ilove You! victoria