Wednesday, March 31

Plum Blossoms in Early Spring

i keep saving you for something special
as if my life is not special enough in this moment
to stroke your flesh with graphite

as i inhale the medicine of the earth
i feel the exhale saturate the continuation
of last moments death

before me a stump
that once breathed this ancestors spring blossom

river's running brown now
spring waters
bringing with it a prolific rise in abundance
of times' being
the essence
one drop
two drops
three drops
to me
to this precise moment of beauty
Its all worth it

Set Ablaze

My Hair

All of Last Year

On this full moon I'm releasing a whole bunch of circumstances.
Like doubt

I'm approaching my swan song to fear
            letting go that which needs to fly
            opening to what is

its an emancipation of pain
attachment to beauty
a deliverance
a severance
from all those years
of painful memories
grown in toxic soils 

some call it reprieve
but in that moment
as i lay there 
and watched her climb over those mountains in santa fe 
i called it autonomy
and took note of the smile
framing my lips

Tuesday, March 30

Hello Seattle

its a meeting of sorts
between me
the full moon
and you

its a releasing ritual
a burning of hair
of papers
of charcoal ships
of last year

an invocation of the earth
the air
the fire
the water
my center
the center of the cosmos
and black holes


calling on stability now
she's calling on clarity
calling on emotionality

gazing up
at the moon in Libra rising up and over this moving mountain
she says aloud to the spirits of the land
'transformation is possible
not only possible
but real
and happening
in this moment
and that moment'

there's an ever so slight opening of the dragon heart
the same one that was once shut

its reminiscent of past lives
of pain
of alcohol
of the dis-ease

of merging into one being
and coming out renewed
with new eyes
and a new soul
of her wildest dreams

shes still there
working on her shit
and i'm still here working on mine
yet somehow though this space and time
we can reconnect and still see the moon rise
in the damp moss filled forestland
in the deep desert night

its a letting go
its a moving on

but not out

its welcoming of all there is into this body mind
this dragon heart
and finding joy
and fierceness
on this path before me

Monday, March 29

The Flood

ironic as it is
a simple reverberation takes it down
and it comes crushing
gushing forth
like that of a dam
after years of deliberation

Full Moon Fallacies

sitting at the base of despair
she begins the ascent back to the antiquated, yellowing crescent of time
but below the freezing waters of her living womb
she finds herself lost
in a world of ticking time bombs
she's waiting
for time
to explode into herself
once and for all
into a deeper illumination of clarity
of something more familiar

she just wants something familiar

but then there goes that voice
and its speaking to her again

what self do you speak of?
the self of delusion?
perhaps that self of a river
at high tide
during the full moon
standing still
yet flowing beyond those boundaries
of the constrained
of the suffocating

but who are you?
who is this?
and what perceptions of time?
what river
unmoved by the moon?
what confusion of fear?
what love
of insecurity
and doubt?

yea. i don't know either

stepping off that steeped palace tower
its more like falling
she's falling into that piercing purple crevice
deeper into space and time
perpetual unknowns

so it goes

so she tries to begin
calling on the heart of a dragon
to come forth and bear witness to yet another slaying

Monday, March 22

True love

Smiling moon hovering above
tones of winter's gray playfully teasing early springs sage
exploding sunset
mingling amongst all that appears in this vast sky
radiant clouds
spreading out like rib cages
fading into this boundless mind

and there she sits
behind me
walking ever so slowly
towards the tune of mystery
and grace

Saturday, March 20

Leaning Into Fears' Precipice

I'm dancing in the dust of your departure
on this snow-covered, piercingly clear day
in Santa Fe


I'm dancing for all we've done
and all that you are
and all that I am
all I've become

On this spring equinox
I'm celebrating
and establishing a new decree
I'm dancing beyond those perceived boundaries of fear
unfurling to places higher within me
that there's beauty
within a heart
Here i dance
watching fears' displacement

finding its way
of this body

And now
I'm dancing
for the melting snow outside
for those deeply buried roots
preparing for emergence into light

For now I see
light holds itself
close enough for darkness to be

And now
there's a blossoming
its filled of things of
and love
of life and light
and truth

And the best part...
its settling where fear once reigned

The great snow goddess of Santa Fe

Monday, March 1

a thank you...

its in those mornings that i awaken
to those still sparkling eyes
and find myself feeling safe
in those still embracing arms
that i begin to trust
this busted open heart of mine
for the first time

and when the fog lifts
all thats left
is unspoken truths of love of life

there's joy
awakening from its decade long slumber
deep within this body of mine
a liberation
a sensation
expanding outwardly
piercing the cosmos of delusion
and finding
for the first time
a self of truth
of trust
in this process
called love