Wednesday, November 11

an abundance of greed

signaling the release of something gone awry
the army of the free world's liberation
is cultivating a serious mass delusion
thru the riot gear i still it
thru the rubber bullets i still know
the listlessness of the soldiers
speaks of the place these young people have woken up to
and now
i'm hearing reports come in
something about a covert operation in Pakistan
what happened in Iraq
El Salvador
their trying to conquer the world
as they sweep our media under the carpets
the cheney's and rumsfield's and obama's are not far apart
in the game for global dominance

these criminals of war are comparably abundant
as the polar bears without a home
or the g-20 riot gear in Philly
or the tops of mountains being removed for coal
or the sacred sites of indigenous Americans
being desecrated with the IAEA lies and filth

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