Monday, March 29

Full Moon Fallacies

sitting at the base of despair
she begins the ascent back to the antiquated, yellowing crescent of time
but below the freezing waters of her living womb
she finds herself lost
in a world of ticking time bombs
she's waiting
for time
to explode into herself
once and for all
into a deeper illumination of clarity
of something more familiar

she just wants something familiar

but then there goes that voice
and its speaking to her again

what self do you speak of?
the self of delusion?
perhaps that self of a river
at high tide
during the full moon
standing still
yet flowing beyond those boundaries
of the constrained
of the suffocating

but who are you?
who is this?
and what perceptions of time?
what river
unmoved by the moon?
what confusion of fear?
what love
of insecurity
and doubt?

yea. i don't know either

stepping off that steeped palace tower
its more like falling
she's falling into that piercing purple crevice
deeper into space and time
perpetual unknowns

so it goes

so she tries to begin
calling on the heart of a dragon
to come forth and bear witness to yet another slaying

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