Tuesday, April 20

On Discovering Meaning, Fullfillment and Joy

being with exuberance seems like a solid way to find greater meaning fulfillment and joy
a sense of autonomy yet realizing true interconnectedness
connecting deeper with junipers and spring time grasses
being open to the myriad possible present realities existing right here and now
maintaining connection to this dharma
cultivating this kind of true presence
bearing witness to my own internal processes and not pushing them back into the abyss of denial
steering clear of that precipice of doubt
maintaining a strong commitment to my admiration of ant piles and sambas are all ways in which i find greater fulfillment, meaning and joy

when i look to the dusk sky and see that massive fire ball dancing ever so gracefully towards the horizon
nightly, he's always there...like love.
like darkness.
like air.
like those brave brave birds that stay all winter long.
like those brave brave pines growing through stone.
like those brave brave moms raising those kids the best that she know how
like loving, unconditionally.
like its the first time...
over and over and over again.
like a newborn's smell
enjoying the scent of the apple blossom outside my window carried by the east wind.
open fields, vast sky.
fierce ocean at moon rise

being, inter-being with all there is
whether it be in Haiti, New Orleans, Palestine or Tibet.
whether it be in red dirt, brown clay, moss or primal forest

the shadows that cast upon my paper as i write under this 3'oclock westward moving sun bring to me a great sense of meaning

seeing my soul reflected in those piercingly mysterious and luminous green eyes
by dim light
lips, thighs,
yours and mine
deeply penetrating stares
and the intention to simply be
bring to me untold clarity
and meaning
and joy

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