Thursday, April 1

Its Called We Must Rise

its a perpetual game of who gets what
in this 21st century grab of greed

wondering out loud to myself
whats my part in this
what can i do in the next four years
for the next seven generations
to come

will they come?

whats this in the name of?

whats this game for?

its called Gaza getting barricaded
surrounded my publicly funded military and lies

Afghanistan getting bombed
as people seek out limbs to reattach from the land mines

Iraq getting colonized
by my government so they can have the biggest eyes

its my sisters getting raped in Haiti as they attempt to find a safe place to pee
next to their tent city
amongst the rubble
and dead bodies
still waiting to be found

its the fence their trying to build
to keep the movement out of our front yard
the illegal immigrant just trying to make due
cause the maquiladoras
the conquistadors
turned them away for asking for a living wage

its the polar bears
cause their ice ain't keeping cold no more
from our ignorance
and privilege

our 21st century ways

its the clear cuts

those trucks
trucking past
in the pacific northwest
with the carcasses of my distant ancestors
being carted off to their demise

our demise
this is our demise
we must rise
yes. we must rise

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