Tuesday, April 6

Listening Eyes, Seeing Ears

sitting at the base of a majestic mountain
gazing into valleys and dips of grace
after having passed through the depths of disparaging images
capitalism has created
this uninhabited land is much welcomed

seeing corporate america sprawling through
trains filled to the max with plastic shit from sweat shops in china
or malyasia
or mexico
seeing these diesel engines cutting through the vast wide open expanse
of Earth's heart
it nauseating. infuriating. despairing.
sorrowful that the beauty of this visual boundlessness is not enough for most eyes
that somehow her living womb of serenity and calm are being bludgeoned by the fallacies of big oil
or walmart
just existing there
in solidarity with all that concrete
that it stands upon
bold in its presence
as if its as timeless as this mountain

i see the bloodstains of colonization continue here
as the fallacious oil rigs penetrate her
even deeper this time
cutting through her soft shell
yet somehow we continue this
before our wisest and oldest Mother can pass on the millena of ancestral wisdom
but wait
i'm getting negative again, aren't i?

if only we could listen to north winds
to the hawks
and rushing rivers
to the bears and coyotes
or the night sky
we'd see for the first time

we'd hear that azure horizon fading into those delicate hues of amethyst which ever so slightly smudge into gentle hints of crimson before gracefully touching her skin

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