Wednesday, April 28

Questions to the Momma

Its called 15 shots
going straight to the heart
to control the mind
when all he knew of was two
toxic metal
and mercury
seeping into the softest of hearts
turning it to stone
deepening the meaning of collateral damage
how did this war on terror
grow into so many forgotten wars
never quite expanding into the consciousness of the world

Its an IED exploding all around
and all you can hear is your comrade asking to die
begging for you to take his life
burns covering his body
from base to crown
as you drag your limp body away from the smoldering mess of it all

But then there's the privilege of being considered one of the lucky ones in Port-au-Prince
cause at least there's one whole doctor to your whole 10,000 people compared to the 20,000 to one ratio in rural poor farming towns like Leogane
people now picking through twisted metal mounds that still holds value
that will be melted down somewhere in Beijing
yet even then
there's the police shooting them away
they want to get theirs
just the same

So whose to blame?

The wars our fault
the worlds shaking up
turning upside down
vibrating violently
in the most economically devastated parts of the world
perhaps she's trying to wake us up from this deep long slumber were in
full of ignorance
topped with bliss

But why not on wall street momma
or capitol hill
why not in Crawford?
why is it that the strongest of us are left to die?
why is it that the weakest of us are left to lead the rest to our demise?
what's it going to take to wake up?
whats it going to take?

It going to take you and I
Its going to take walking down by the water and see the beauty streaming by
Its going to take rebelling against disassociation
and being on the sidelines
Its going to take looking into your neighbors eyes
seeing her deep suffering and asking why
Its going to take you and I
feeding the love of family
of listening to stories
of community
and babies
Its going to take you and I
So we must begin
and know we have some work to do my fellow friends
We have a whole lot of work to do

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