Tuesday, April 27

Mirror Reflections

Words seem to escape when trying to explain this internal landscape. So, here, then seems the best way. A poem. A dedication, a presencing to all there is, touching, embracing, surrounding and loving...
Its astounding to see these trees come up through this Earth below me - the stable structure reaching far and high, yearning for the life giving fire up above. How grass can grow against the stream of water, carving out a rough history. A single dandelion, fierce in its autonomy, yet deeply grounded in connection. A trunk growing out of a cut down stump, determined to survive. Ground up stone, transformed into sand, now holding the weight of the world. Lessons abound, all around. Truth seeking decay. Leaves still attached from last years fall. Blossoms and butterflies rejoicing in the cycles of life's enthral. Broken branches still carrying a piece of the whole - a microcosm of this journey inherent in it all.

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