Friday, May 21

Inspiried by "The Fruitful Darkness"

its something about order
and chaos that keeps me coming back

whats resting in that space between you and i
her and that dwindling stream
him and those poplar trees
whats separating me from you
other then space
and what of that space is of us

i find a strong sense of connection with the moon
waning now
becoming whole
like me
like you
yet empty in this process
we are in it
we are it
yet it is not us

so what then are we
other then spitited beings
rising up from places unknown
hoping that
amidst the darkness
we're striving to head towards the light
embracing all thats come to greet us on this path

my father always tells me when i'm down
"one foot in front of the other young lady,
its the only way"

keep moving
pushing forward
dancing upward
spiraling down
into a darkness that looks like our own
full of eternal light
sometimes stuck in that sticky rice space of
misconceptions of permanence

but this is a place where healing occurs
and what emerges
is something
all of your own

make it what you will
but keep moving
just keep moving
one foot in front of the other
says an old time Vietnam war veteran i know
just keep that body moving...

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  1. Riveting honest observations here. I love this piece of writing.