Tuesday, June 29

Coyote Medicine

coyote came to me in the darkness of the desert one night
with her she brought words of wisdom
"time to complete a cycle" said she
as she circled around
three times
waiting for an opening
an unfolding
like a lotus
just in time for the summer solstice

full moon
bright up above
reflecting the faces of sacred land and stone
telling stories of ancestral ways
reminding us to let go of outdated structures
something like sitting in a kiva
as Pluto conjuncts the moon
watching the sun set

i'm wondering about the myth and mystery behind this veil before me
i'm floored by the idea of ascending to the realms of these great beings

somewhere in time

unknown now
i fall to sleep between the energy  
resting ever so delicately between me and a love i once knew
only to be found now in the world of dreams

i awaken to the gleaming sun
burning in the eastern sky
and feel it all slip away
one by one
like the stars
in the night sky
as the light emerges into dawn

Sunday, June 27

Crawling Crickets at 3:45 AM

Remembering that once upon a time there was sense
there was making believe
it was time when truth swept me away
like those clouds up above
under this ferocious western wind blowing trees astry

So who's whose who here? And how?

What is this realm of don't know and why is it growing

The best part
my teacher tells me is that this is where it starts to get interesting
"its the beginning" she says
of what i wonder

And now there's a search party for something that resembles a Madrone:
peeling cracked crimson jade
she's growing towards the salt

Sitting in a smoky bar
full of laughter and cowboys
not sure what to call or who to order

Kinda reminds me of those back hoe's holes in the Earth
for hermits to sit in and contemplate existence

Still a bit disorientated
even though the map in front of my nose shows true north


I hear a voice say, its the only thing to do at times like these

Its early. No late. Hmmmmm. Yea. My sentiment exactly. Have you got all night to sit with me under this beaming sky tonight?

Wanting to blend in. Smudge myself between the fading lines of that plum sky outside. These walls feel like cages closing into mystery. Junipers shadow is up there on the hill. A bench awaits. Just sitting, parked there, imprinted energetically with thousands of asses and even less conversation. Rose quartz abound, trying to heal those wounds.

WAKE UP! says baby blue bird. WAKE UP!

Its all a set.