Tuesday, June 29

Coyote Medicine

coyote came to me in the darkness of the desert one night
with her she brought words of wisdom
"time to complete a cycle" said she
as she circled around
three times
waiting for an opening
an unfolding
like a lotus
just in time for the summer solstice

full moon
bright up above
reflecting the faces of sacred land and stone
telling stories of ancestral ways
reminding us to let go of outdated structures
something like sitting in a kiva
as Pluto conjuncts the moon
watching the sun set

i'm wondering about the myth and mystery behind this veil before me
i'm floored by the idea of ascending to the realms of these great beings

somewhere in time

unknown now
i fall to sleep between the energy  
resting ever so delicately between me and a love i once knew
only to be found now in the world of dreams

i awaken to the gleaming sun
burning in the eastern sky
and feel it all slip away
one by one
like the stars
in the night sky
as the light emerges into dawn

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