Saturday, July 10

Bare Bones, Bare Skin

Its a letting go
of one memory
and then the next
and even though their fragmented
like the drops of water
from the bucket her and joey used to swing incessantly in circles as kids

she's becoming bedfellows with the depths of desires as they fade away
and as the ripples disappear into the shadows
she finds that this is a possibility for her 
its not just magic for all the others to do

cause there once was this person
a person called me
who fell deeply into spaces too tight to possibly comprehend
once again




it was not until this sunrise
after a long night of watching the moon move and the sky shift
above those sleeping eyes
that the notion of moderation quickened inside
and amongst that morning glow
she herself began to grow
but this time she started blooming from the inside

and then she awoke
from that dreary dream of desolation and despair
of clinging and aversion
one full of gloom and fear
it was through this that she realized 
truth is just a scratch under her precious olive skin
so soft
much too special to let just anyone in

siting here now
she reflects on her
and her
and her
and him
and once again
yet for the first time
she sees it

like for real
she sees it

that there's always love

that there's always skin

and when its bare its best
like in the desert of simple
of open hearts and fearlessness
like in the most splendid moments of bliss
of bodies
skin to skin

its there
under it all

stripping it away now as fast as she can
she's pulling it back
until she uncovers bare bones
under bare skin

here she is 
yet for the first time
like this
she herself

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