Sunday, July 18

Explosive Impermanance

Trying to grasp something never carried me beyond
gate gate paragate
its like there's always a bridge to cross
and as I'm standing over the nebulous waters of the Chama
i can still see Scorpius reflecting back into the timeless realms of ancient Greece
even through these muddied sands of time

deathless now
she's standing amongst the banyan grove of truth
surrounded by the skulls of the dead
heart first towards the morning light
cause even he makes his way up and over that great cycle floating in the middle of nothing
even he makes the effort to surrender to movement
every single day
he comes to shed light on yet another pervading dark time

limitless possibility seems to rests in the space
of sleeping children
awakening to impermanence
to doubt and trust
and fear of this
running amok the shiftiness of sand
on the ocean of this story
down hill
into the crevice of the mother

just now
a smile forms on her breast
and in his heart
an opening crashes into the boundless potentiality of it all

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