Thursday, August 19

Flooding Pictures

Superimposed on a sheet of photographic paper
a spare moment of internal dialog fills the blank space
once void of course
now forgotten
left to the stars to manage a more complete ending

like puckering pursed lips
patiently for solitude to kick in

looking down at supple sepia nipples
she feels a chill take over
a soft touch
from a gentle breeze
and willowy
she sways
like a goddess
like the cottonwood
full of curves and light
as the shadows dance on her hips
her trunk
like the path of water
to the stream
finding its way
over the rocks
and through the green
back to the source
and this
as the stars align
to some higher cosmic order of chaos
seemingly merging with some sort of higher purpose

she stands up
and away she walks
trusting in this
the process called life