Saturday, August 7

Glued to the Dream

Sampling tastes of these spaces between fractal moments
she finds its got a slightly bitter bite
one we're not so accustomed to
we're just all so hooked on sweet and salty

when did moments like these ever make sense?

there she is
she's standing on that Eastward facing bench
looking out towards release
exhaling the vacuum of this earthly plane
West. Following the setting sun.
circling around
the wind calls to her
she's watching those mountains connect pastels with primary's
right before her very eyes

she feels an urgency
to wake up from this dream
to wake up from this
a set
an illusion of something perceived as real
but that sky
those mountains
even the post modern ponderosa pine
just standing there observing the world
they could all just start melting
and that
would seem as real as this  
a scratch
in the fabric
like yellowing
antiquated photo's
stored next to cactus and moss

she thinks to herself
if this was someones creation
it might as well be mine this time

this is the work of some far off galaxy of stars
descending upon us
gleefully painting us a scene
that seems to make no sense at all

perhaps this is just a dream
and here she's stuck
between the worlds
months ago she arrived on some unexplainable trek

time to unpack
more action
less words
explore this realm a bit
see what it has to offer
see where it takes her next