Wednesday, August 25

Burnside. Still Dancing

remember that time we skated towards the sun
after that seemingly endless night of tin cans and boiling silicone
we greeted the day with bloodied fingers from lifting manholes to climb yet even deeper down
all the way until we were under that graffiti sprayed bridge
jumping off the ramps with the confidence of a child

remember the bandaged faces yelling across the crowd
over the burning red white and blue's
run faster
run faster
faster baby
run faster
they caught up with you
leaving us asunder
we found one another just in time in the midst of that famous claim-to-fame kiss in front of the protesters and police
i still think there's something so radical about two womyn kissing in cuffs in front of an angry crowd and homophobic cops

remember that time we followed the river to the edge of itself
where we found ourselves standing in front of the multi-tiered submarine
that swaying pier held us there for a while
before plunging us into the exploding 4th of July waters of the Willamette
but still
so desperate were we for the moon to rise
so desperate to meet understanding face to face 
in those eyes
on that skin

remember that time we laid in your closet for days
like children hiding from the world
tucked away between twisted blankets and pillows
ordering take out for days on end
emerging into the light very selectively
mostly just to pee
something about the darkness kept us there
we were living vicariously through our dreams

what about the time we sat outside that wobbling tree-painted trailer
sitting on your plastic paint splattered buckets we used to collect water when the rains came
lighting our cigarettes from the charcoals in the Smoky Joe 
american spirits
lavender and sage hovering about
SE 42nd and Madison
hazy days
summer time breeze
yellowing walls
merging into fall
leading to fleece covered doors
and leaking sheds
reflecting brick and winter's gray
the lovers embrace
the lovers goodbyes

remember when mornings came too soon

rain rain
its raining
baby its raining
get the buckets and the ladder, lets head on out and splash in the timelessness of this moment

what about that time we laid under mosquito netting with the cockroaches and rats in that gutted abandoned building in the lower ninth ward
we were crossing the street between gun shots and marshal law
young white military men
and that gorgeous parrot, in the tree, untouched
mocking all the destruction in the face of Katina

or the time we found ourselves 2600 miles deep into the pacific, prism overhead, calling upon our collective need to transform light
meandering about lonely dirt roads and backs of pickup trucks
Scorpio was in the sky
it was there we could be found jumping on the trampoline to get closer 

remember standing outside my bedroom window throwing stones
come out come out wherever you are
come out
come out before the dawn
come play with me
lets skate again towards the sunrise and dance precariously in the shadows we leave in our wake