Saturday, September 18

What's Worth More than an Open Heart?

like people in this world
juxtaposed against a precarious history of numb
superimposed over stable
our hearts have been
conquistador style

we can rise

we can awaken to our hearts
beating inside
we can awaken to our lives
to our partners
our commitments
and communities
to ourselves
the changing seasons 
and seashores

We are humans
but we can be more
we can be warriors riding the darkness well into the morning
and heroines
trading in our made up masks for something more real

I ask you what you need
and as I look you in the eye
I'll send in a busted open heart as backup
just in case this portal closes

There's something I want you to know
something I've needed to say
since our last conversation on this precise moment in translation
in that foreign kitchen that time 
on that narrow street
in that city of height
under the guise of breakfast
what I've wanted you to know 
is that
when your facing a wall of a human of stainless steel made of iron and ore
its especially hard
even with a busted open heart 
no matter the gender

And that when you open yourself to those who are just as broken as you are
thats hard too
and it hurts to see them turn and walk away from love
but its worth it
cause then there's not one regret to state

Cause there was that nanosecond of an opening
and written in braille in that ice cold core 
was molten iron
I felt a raw heart 
wide open

But now back to broken
now back to 'shut'

But still
I'm telling you this:
we can rise

we can fill a void in this world of cerebral attachment  
heart disembodiment

Wondering what it is you need

What do you need?
What do you need?
What do you need to open?

Is this is all a game in vain?
Am I the blind fool? 
Something I've missed?

So what fear? I'm not going to listen to you anymore. Just open. Open. I'm only going to listen to this center. Open.

What about Mr. Elliot Smith who impaled his own heart with stainless steel? How sad. That an opening like his led to his death in this cold shut culture

So, what can we do?

What will we do before we find ourselves in our graves?

Do you want a life gone by unnoticed for a fierce type of bravery
in this culture full of stones?