Thursday, November 11

Speaking of Cultivating Fearlessness

One's got to move beyond 
like the Heart Sutra teaches
like we chant every single morning without exception:

"Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam gate Bodhi svaha"

And as we move beyond
as we slip between the creaky rusted gates of beyond 
as we move beyond the confines of beyond 
we learn to believe in ultimate expanding possibilities of everything and nothing 
all at once
woven into a web of cosmic boundlessness
into this
a serenade of evening songs
Regina Specktor style
exploding atoms of interconnection 
unfathomable physics
excellence penetrating everwhere
orbs of light reaching even the most darkened of galaxies

As we learn to move beyond
we learn to become weavers of a whole new cycle of time
we learn to listen to the joyful release in those fallen autumn dancing leaves outside our cracked open windows 
we learn to crochet a whole new bliss into a morning after sorrowful moments

Cause after-all
aren't they just stories we tell ourselves?

And if its true
if its our perceptions that cause our reality then why stop here? 
Why stop at all? 
What about healing from the dream? Meeting in the dream? Realizing its all just a dam dream!
How can we teach one another about fearlessness?
How can we cross that threshold and enter a new space?

How about we begin by standing on top the tiny snow globe of our lives and take a swan dive into the sunsets of eternity?

So mote it be 
that our reality is a reflection of our projections

from here on out I'm projecting love
without reason
with wings
beyond myself
and connection
to the myriad beings 

I'm working to cultivate a garden of trust
and truth
infused with belief and night time cups of chamomile tea
and yes, here i go
prepping up for this jump
beginning this crossover beyond fear 

Gate gate paragate

And somehow
it all seems possible
cause there's this manual i've stumbled upon in the attic of my mind
call it from lives past
perhaps intuition
call it whatever you'd like
but i can taste it and its infused with release from fear of judgment 
like that owl book sitting next to the Himalayan salt crystal upon my night stand

and it speaks of worms and compost
its even got a green commons that is big enough for us all to celebrate the dawning of this moment 
spinning in this vortex of togetherness
now vibrating
we're dancing alone in our solitude
and i'm rejoicing and reclaiming what has been ours all along
senses wide open and hearts pumping truth through our veins