Monday, December 20

What is Fearlessness?

What is this thing called fear? Why does it constantly control us? What is the reason we fear the most authentic truths of existence?

Always wondering what someone else will think of us? Asking ourselves "should we just be real, just speak our truths?"

I hear someone say "Ask yourself, are you allowing everything to be as it is right now?" Are you grasping? What are you trying to change, and more importantly, why?

Stumbled upon this today: the point of the question is not to find the answer, but to find the truth. Ask the question to find the truth. And before you get an answer, you already know.

What could be more perfect than the coming together of a cosmic nature to create this moment in time?

Wednesday, December 1

Hikes of Insight

She awoke one late afternoon
during a high desert hike
holding the company of rose quartz
in the midst of a sniff of a Ponderosa Pine

She rubbed her ochre browns
unsure of the reality held in this glorious setting sun
of oceans in deserts
hiding behind trees
appearing to be open
she grew into gleaming
beaming ... like Venus does in the late fall, early morning skies

Chasing the moon
she's chasing the waning crescent back to her self
17% full now
but mostly
she's full of radiant love and belief

Back to all there is under this fading fall moonshine

She awoke
in love

She awoke
in love

She awoke
in love
not clinging

not clinging
its a manta now

By falling into the dream
you become the dream
because you are the dream
because you are beauty incarnate
you become
and listening to the wind proves this
and over
and over