Saturday, January 15

The Power of Vulnerability


It seems to me that in order to truly cultivate fearlessness we have to begin with vulnerable. By entering a space of willingness to open in the face of rejection, the face of an answer we don't want to hear, the face of pain, or whatever else is your biggest fear/s, I believe that we are allowing ourselves to be more wholly human. 

What else is the purpose of life then to be alive in this world? 

How better of a way then to maintain a commitment to open. Open. Open. Nothing more, nothing less. 
So, I'd love to hear from you. Tell me of your fears. How do you see vulnerability? What makes you feel vulnerable? How do you meet or not meet it? What's stopping you from entering that space?

What Else But Open?

An answer asked itself from the depths of her gut
and she hiked uphill thru crystals to find the question
in return
she found an opening, an abiding arising
filling all spaces
in the 10 directions
with truth

"Finally," she said, with a deep exhale and a subtle smile, "I'm ready to keep moving"

So, continues the journey
across a nation and over the boulders of love she'll cross
more open now then ever before
stepping, heart first into a stream of trust so deep
that from where she now sits, she takes a trusting bow
for all there is
and for all those that are

For she now knows
that which manifests is nothing less then perfection

Saturday, January 8

Departures Amidst the Silence of Morning

A place where shadow and light dance in the most sensual and elegant way
unknown to even the lovers embrace

Sparkling snow
like infinite crystals
now lay upon the Earth body before me

As I feel pulled asunder
I wonder
does the cawing raven ever seek any different then this?

Tuesday, January 4

Subtleties of a Night Stroll

The crisp sound of air
flowing though the stiffened winter branches
high up in this desert land
reminds me departures

The woven constellations
beaming overhead
shed light on this darkened path now
from eons ago

I pause to ask him
where is it that you go?
Yet the only thing I hear
are buds preparing for spring

With a soft and subtle gaze
he reminds me of my dad
a man i once loved
without fear in my heart