Saturday, February 19

Dear Life

I am here without any idea of how to proceed. I hear "The only way out is though", but how do you even begin to move when your legs are numb, when your legs think they are ears. How do you make your way towards seeing yourself as really true when the dream is where your lost? What do you do when your whole world starts to crumble? When your seeing a deep state of denial for the first time?

Oh life, what do you do when nothing at all makes sense? When time itself floats about like molecules in a universe with no oxygen and you've somehow dreamed yourself in the unknown, the uncontrollable?

Where do you go? What direction do you take when your so caught up in becoming something? How do you unbecome of who and what your not after a lifetime of construction? And how do you perceive where you've already been when you are different? If everyone is already inherently awake, why does it seem so completely unobtainable?  If there's nothing to attain anyway?

How do we live the truth in a way that it is actually actualized? How do we come into agreement with the truth of existence? How do we stop trusting away from ourselves?

What happens when your bottom stepping ground falls away from earthquakes that leave you paralyzed? How do you begin to move again? And where do you go when there is nothing left?

How do you wake up from the person? The dreamer?

Am I losing my mind? Yes. I think I am. Only this time, she' s not sure if thats a good thing anymore