Tuesday, March 8

Ground Zero, Now

From the grey of the city skyline
I wonder about those chalk outlines
of bodies akimbo
which jumped from the 102nd floor
10 years past

No longer a smoldering mess
just an almost empty city block
save for the cranes attempting to rival those of times before

I ask the bus driver what he thinks of a mosque being built right there
he says "I can't answer that dear, but New York will do what it do, no matter what I say or what say you"

I hear the elder woman from the back say "But it didn't take a mosque to bring the buildings down"
and I'm intrigued by how we attempt to run from ideas

Mostly I notice the seagulls, flying in from Battery Park, circling around
"Can you believe its been 10 years?" I say out-loud to what ever is listening. Whoever is there

Perhaps between the thumping of metal on concrete and Mary Poppins on Broadway we can find our collective consciousness and begin again under this darkening sky.

I wonder about all those people, all these cars that just drive by
that just drive by