Saturday, April 9

Morning Musings in Kigali

Here I sit at a wooden desk, looking out through the screen at the most lovely and unfamiliar equatorial flowers in bloom.

This place feels like a pure land - something that I find to contrast quite drastically the knowing, holding of an awareness of almost a million people who were horrifically hacked up, some brutally raped, many killed.

Before coming here I had visions of such darkness - the kind that completely enshrouds a person as they intently listen for the sounds of predators as they try to fall to sleep. Yet its been quite the contrary. I feel a deep sense of welcome, even in the sound of the straw broom brushing bare earth. The colors here are glowing, brilliant - unlike anything I've ever imagined or seen - in this alone, I feel feel deep appreciation. 

I have caught myself speaking to the spirits of this land. Not an uncommon thing for me to do, but also not something I thought I'd be doing here - on this Mother of all lands...

There's an unfamiliar type of quiet here - even in the bustling throws of the city - and at night when the moon and stars show up on full display I can hear the play of the civets outside.

Leave as big as giants' palms dance under the rain. The lush landscape does not let me forget all those delicate hands and intentional minds which cultivate full of praise, this most beautiful place.

I stare in awe at the beauty before me - the smell of wet African soil - red, like the womb from which we all came. There's a taste in the air that speaks of Upholding Truth and Preserving that 17 years post genocide is held in beaming light of Amohoro (peace) Kwizera (hope) and Imbabazi (compassion). They rise up to meet the heavens as purple flags are flown. There's a reliance here that even infuses the songs of birds.

It blows me away and I'm brought to my knees in complete admiration for a nation that will lead the peoples to a world infused with peace. I can only hope my people will join...