Wednesday, April 13

Never Again

Wondering if it takes a genocide to come together in the real and deep way the Rwandans have, are...

Bring here at Rebero has completely changed my perspective on our presence here in Rwanda. I, for the first time since being here, can see how being here is actually an act of solidarity. Before hearing these speeches I was feeling tremendous guilt and shame for carrying white skin, for being of European descent.

Yet, now I'm seeing that being here, as representatives of the international community, we are showing that we care. That yes, white Europeans got on the planes that our governments provided to come take us away as their brothers, sisters, wives, cousins were being murdered. But here we are. We're back. And thats really an important thing.

I find it extraordinary that somehow, even with this kind of history, they allow us to come here and bear witness to the post genocide reality of the murder of over 1 million of their loved ones. I find it extraordinary that they are allowing us to be here.. to open our hearts so that perhaps another genocide will not be possible. If we can truly allow this experience to enter our being, then maybe, i wonder if that is enough in response to my question "does a genocide need to happen in order to have a people, a nation, a world, come together in the way the Rwandans have?"