Tuesday, April 12

Rainbow Body

Bodies covered in lime. Bodies recovered from deep within the earth. Deep enough to be preserved so I could see where their flesh and bones, limbs, heads and hearts had been hacked into. Bludgeoned. Shot.

White bodies, which now lay strewn about in a classroom meant for training - meant for progress. Classrooms that now instead hold a most horrifying history of our human potential.

I was 14 when it happened.

If someone had told me then about Rwanda I would have wondered where it was. If someone spoke to me of the genocide I would have been too concerned with the brown lip liner lining my lips. But now, at 30, as we make our way up this perfect red clay bumpy road, i am carrying with me the promise to never forget. Not the horror. Not the strength. Not the sky that rivals that of my most dearly beloved, New Mexico. Not the crystals or the eyes - the cries, the wails, the laughter... or the rainbows that hang over Kigali and day like today.