Monday, May 23


Met an 83 year old woman in the post office today. She stood there and spoke of the tears she held for those living in the tornado torn part of nation.

I asked her what advice she'd give to someone my age. She looked at down and said "oh honey, don't know. Don't know."

I thought that was perfectly profound, especially after my Zen stay.

A moment later, she paused, turned to me, and without hesitation, with her crystal clear, arctic blue eyes, she said, "faith, just don't lose faith."

I thanked her and reserved a place for faith in a broken open heart. If I could say one thing to her now, I'd thank her for helping me find the beauty in not only her words but the words to follow...

Sunday, May 22

On Relationships

"Journeying is built into us, no matter how beautiful our home"

Sublime Truth

Sipping internal bouts of trust
full of promise
of less and less from the outside
I noticed the grass grows tall enough to hide
from the prestige inside

Just then
walking thru the atomic mists of time

came the end of land
it was there that I heard a voice say "there's an ocean just waiting to be touched"
and now the lingering taste of salt on upon my lips
from my nude expose
still satisfies any craving for more

Some irony that all this comes on the very same day some said the world would end
oh wait...
maybe it did

Nonetheless, here comes a coal colored fire escape that is accessible from the slanted city sidewalk
climbing up now
closer to the sky and those unseen stars that hide behind clouds
I can imagine them as I sit on this rooftop of high

Just expansion. I'd be willing to bet they only feel truth.
Who am I to understand these associations?

here I am, overlooking divine providence
aglow, from some superimposed radiance

And yet, I can see myself reflected in this post industrial steel
a little rust here
some worn copper there
city lights

gentrification taking a stroll with antiquity
an aeon overlooking it all
I even see the remnants of lovemaking held in the hands of the poise passing by

I wonder when I'll meet mine...

But for now, I'll remained floored, because All of this
is within my precious view
so much ado
so much to do
so much to undo
not do
beyond you

Yes, there resides something we still don't know

Like how to properly end a poem...

Monday, May 16

Remnants of A Beached Whale

I'm sitting here in front of a blank white canvas with some findings from my trip to the momma (the same rocky beach where the whale was found), listening to boards of Canada wondering why a white canvas is so dam intimidating!

I feel really great about coming back to my heart and soul of mixed media painting arts, its been a while - in fact since I last lived here in Rhode Island. There is some force of deep inspiration here for me, I must admit.

That and the grey helps somehow, too. Loving that this was sparked by a rock I found, or that found me. Either way, i'm painting again.

So, here I go, onto whatsoever will become of a blank white canvas...

Wednesday, May 4

How Many Tears?

There is no way to know. And how could I? A mass grave of people and uncountable tears

As I stand over this place of brick, I wonder about the 250,000 bodies below. Sky above. Earth Below. Bodies below. Birds Above.

How does one even begin to envision a machete hacking into skin, let alone again
and again
and again...times a million

Words of Meaning

Superwoman once meant something
And now I sit here, triggered and unsure of how to proceed...

Yet these words of meaning are collecting in the drains from the rains pouring down
here on this grey, gray spring day
while I sit here, listening to the drone of duo stars of the lid, Tippy's Demise leaves quite a desire for surprise inside

its true that hearts feels lonely sometimes
and as I remember the touch of an old lovers hand inside
I feel a longing for chocolate and peanut butter, the chunky kind, unsalted of course...

And if brother Hal is right, the overflowing city water  flooding the streets of this divine city will be dumped right into the Providence River. The same river someone will have to take care to clean it one day

Or not.

I suppose we could go on like this for centuries more. But, still..I wonder if the rains will even come...