Wednesday, May 4

Words of Meaning

Superwoman once meant something
And now I sit here, triggered and unsure of how to proceed...

Yet these words of meaning are collecting in the drains from the rains pouring down
here on this grey, gray spring day
while I sit here, listening to the drone of duo stars of the lid, Tippy's Demise leaves quite a desire for surprise inside

its true that hearts feels lonely sometimes
and as I remember the touch of an old lovers hand inside
I feel a longing for chocolate and peanut butter, the chunky kind, unsalted of course...

And if brother Hal is right, the overflowing city water  flooding the streets of this divine city will be dumped right into the Providence River. The same river someone will have to take care to clean it one day

Or not.

I suppose we could go on like this for centuries more. But, still..I wonder if the rains will even come...