Wednesday, June 1

A New Moon Dance

June 1st 1992.

12 years old, stumbling towards the court house in the early morning heat. A sense of "I'm not good enough but too good for this" fills her thoughts and she dances on the brick under the Gemini new moon.

Swift changes? For sure. And before she knows it, she's standing inside someone's home she's yet to know. If only she knew how to would have really helped then, while she laid her youthful body upon that cold concrete basement floor. Too open, too young. Scared, yet fearless in her reproach.

Ffowardast as in fast toward forward, fast. Now.

June 1st 2011.

So, here she lays, a 30 year old woman staring at a lite up screen. Waiting for 31. A woman. One who often wonders when 12 turned into 30. Hmmmm...she says, supposing right now in this moment would be anyone's best guess.

She pauses, reflects. A thanks, she says out-loud, to all the possible gods and goddess as she stands and makes her way to the cushion. To sit. Thank you. To meditate. Thank you. To be. Thank you. To allow. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

...and there she goes...

Once again
towards a deepening connection with repose