Friday, June 10

Notes From my Bedroom Window

There's a fierceness of reorganization happening here - I can see it in the deep bend of the trees, the hushed yet urgent voice of the thunder, the shifting, seemingly erratic west winds - the same ones playing down their power, but with a deep knowing of their strength.

A confidence, of where they come from. I can see it in my changing patterns of sleep, as I awaken at two twenty to stand by my windows in magnetizing conversation with the light show playing outside in the darkened night sky.

Realignment. I like that. As a matter of preference,  not fact, I believe the planet is mirroring our own internal processes - our own alignment, or perhaps we're mirroring hers...its hard to say.

Cosmically, the big bang seems to be regrouping and as I stand here in awe of the unfathomable brewing outside, i can only hope to continue moving myself.

Sirens. Raindrops. Thunder. And yet there's a sort of inhibition, to fully unleash the power. Reminds me of how I feel towards the yogi up high...only leaving timeless behind as the main clue.

Yet, I don't fear the boogie man in this room, as lay here, naked upon this bed now. I'm seeing the raw naked fear of the boogie man i have to contend with in this head. Yet the birds still sing, even as potential destruction passes overhead. I'm sensing the wits to take clues from them.

Yes. Realignment, as in a chance to begin again, and being intimate with this brilliant and precious Earth is the one thing I know will see this through.

One foot in front of the other. It really is the only way. Listen. And not just, but deeply.

Those winds, the songbirds, and even that red raw beauty pumping oxygen through our bodies...they don't fabricate. They only speak the language of the timeless truth of being inherent in this infinite moment