Wednesday, August 24

In My Dreams Arose Thee

There were Ponderosa's to greet me in the forests beyond time

There was love dispersed in clouds floating by with ease

There were wooden wheels stuck in stones
rains that came in the form of a flood
complete with 40 pound sand bags...
And oh yes, we ran. we ran as fast as we could under that flashing sky and pounding waves of thunder

There were yoga mats upon the gravel and some soaking. and sweating. and
climbing. and sitting

there were bells and gongs
frankincense incense and candles

There were moments of pure consciousness inter woven between the morning meals and platform bed ladders made of juniper pine and twine

There was some eye gazing
and net casting full of diamonds and pearls

There was hope
and in her fabric, an opening that bled into the sky

there was even copper nail polish that sparkled in the sun

there were breakfasts with espresso and high elevation. Some local beer and of course some smoke...some ritual too. and invocation of all that's true.

There was some hands upon a redwood growing towards the stars

There was lots of rain. lots of wisdom. lots of love. There were good friends and a slight heart break, a goodbye. A time to move thru the sands of time

oh new Mexico...i so dearly cherish you

Now here I lie
surrounded by stone grey sheets and walls in a room full of echo and pending fall
listening to the sirens now and motors run and myself think

perhaps its time for sleep.

But one more thing:

I adored the smell of high desert
I reveled in the earthy tastes of me
I loved to sit
I needed to sweat
I had to move
and move
and build.

for what else is there?

Thursday, August 18

What I miss...

Oh New Mexico....

I really miss this land, this energy, the people, the night sky, these profoundly strong mountains that glow during the sun setting.

I miss the minty green taste of Pinyon and juniper dancing through the air, the wafting soft scent of vanilla from the towering Ponderosa pine.

The practice here, all the black us Zennies like to wear.
I miss the open, the sense of home, a letting go of fear, the bountiful sense of life.

Gosh, there is so much I miss here.

Went for a hike today, touched the earth... picked up sparkly sand and smiled as a hawk flew overhead.

Life really does seem better at altitude somehow. I'm a believer. Its something about being closer to the cosmic world,
I think..