Saturday, September 24

A Dream with Troy Davis

In my dream last night I was driving towards the future
But all I could see was the mass exodus
of all those that came before me
and we were all heading out of a hell we had somehow collectively created

There were bodies being flung out of the window's of large trucks by faceless folk
and as I drove by them, I wondered if they cared
and if they didn't
I wondered how we became this way

I heard a voice cry "conditioning" as I confuted the past
and headed towards the tunnels ahead
the lights were the Boston kind of Williams tunnel kind of tunnel

Williams tunnel
Yellowing lights
dimly lit
almost like stars
almost like Troy
fading now into the most brilliant white light

As I got closer, the trucks began closing in on him
And those bumps in the roads
were more like bodies
The bumps in the road were bodies being wasted
being thrown out
like food scraps from last nights root vegetable stew
like Styrofoam 
like confusion

As I drove around them I began to realize they were not the opossums and squirrels we try to avoid when they are in the line of our tires
They were humans
and they were bagged up and thrown away
like troy
like the too many others before him

When I awaken
the clock says 2:23AM

I reach for my pillow
for comfort
and I reflect on the state of our world
our minds
and what we've collectively created

I wonder if he's at ease
I wonder if he's at peace
I wonder if he's safe now

as I pull my white down comforter back up towards my chin
and I lay on top these organic grey sheets
I ponder my level of comfort which leads me to wonder, what a ride like Troy, who had no choice but to take, felt like. I wonder what the ride out of hell does to a soul

As I ponder that and fall back into the land of dreams, I carry with me one phrase:

May you be free
May you be free
May you be free... 

May you be free Troy.
May you find peace.
And may we all find our collective way towards liberation so as to stop the madness we call suffering...

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