Thursday, October 27

Baby Steps Towards Auschwitz

Its that kind of rain that finds the lenses on your glasses, but for some reason you don't take them off.

As we past exit 27 Downtown Pawtucket, I remember crossing those streets. One left turn and we're back on 95 North. Sometimes its a shock to see Mr. USA still kicking with his Red White and Blue. that's my hometown. Yep. Pawtucket, RI. And this is someone called 'me-on-my-way-past-the-fog-on-these-windows.' now, all just a memory left behind.

I see construction. And yes, there are many kinds - this one is related to taking something down to the level deeper then foundation and beginning again. Like in each and every moment that are our lives. Its just one simple detour after another. Life that is. And I'm learning this as we make our way towards Boston Logan Airport.

I'm not getting off the exit towards my childhood home. Or the exit towards my the place that held me during my time as a "wayward youth."
I'm not taking that exit towards Collette Vacations this time either, a place I sought refuge in as a young girl to get brochures and dream of other places.

Nope. This woman is on her way towards Poland. Awake. Towards Auschwitz. Open. Towards the German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp that gassed and burned the bodies of just over a million human beings between the years of 1940-1945. 

I'm heading towards the place that was designated as the "Final solution of the Jewish question in Europe" with nothing else in my bag to read, but the words of viktor frankl in his 'Man's Search for Meaning.'

Sitting now in Boston Logan Airport waiting to depart to Munich, I'm holding the only things that I can: Not Knowing, Bearing Witness and Loving Action. Somehow, I'm trusting that these 3 tenants will be the only thing to trust as I take this plunge into a journey of a lifetime.

So then it begins...